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POS Stock management

Find out how many sales items remain in your stock. With Elementary POS it is easy with just one click. Log into Elementary POS Office and select the Stock tab. Before that, we have to define the sales item. In Elementary POS Office go to “Sales items” and edit or create a new sales item. […]

How to bulk edit sales items

There is a really nice feature in the Elementary POS APP. You can edit all your sales items in one Excel file. This is a very effective way to edit multiple items at once. You can quickly navigate, edit, copy and remove sales items easily. Go to Elementary POS Office. Select “Sales items” in the […]

How to create a receipt or invoice

How to create a receipt or invoice from mobile phone or tablet with Elementary POS APP. We can choose between three methods according to what suits us: Method A: We can use the sales item list. Method B: We can use barcode scanner. Method C: We can use clever calculator. All these methods can be […]

POS Barcode Scanner

Make your life easier with the POS barcode scanner. You do not have to search sales items manually. Just point your camera at the barcode and the sales item is selected automatically. Nowadays almost all mobile devices or tablets have a camera. Let’s use it as a handy mobile barcode scanner. Basic setup of the […]

Paperless POS without the printer?

Is it possible to have a POS receipt system without printing? Yes it is. There are many printing options with Elementary POS. If we do not have a printer or we want to protect our environment we can use a true paperless system. Share the receipt code Each receipt generated by Elementary POS has a […]

POS printer and cash register. How to print receipt or invoice.

Print your receipt or invoice on small receipt printer or regular A4 printer. There are several options for printing your receipt: Small receipt printer via Bluetooth. Small receipt printer via USB. Regular A4 WIFI printer. Regular A4 printer connected to your PC. Or you can have paperless system without printing. Print on a small Bluetooth […]

How to setup a simple cash register in minute

Do you need a cash register? Do not buy expensive big machines. Do not pay high monthly rates. There is a clever cheap option. What do we need? Android phone or tablet. Optional Bluetooth or USB printer. Optional Card reader. Android phone or tablet for POS We can buy new one for 100 USD. Do […]