Frequently Asked Questions

Android phone or tablet with version 4.4 or newer. So almost all Android devices are supported.

If you want to accept credit cards, you need MyPOS or SumUp device.

For printing a Bluetooth POS printer is recommended.

The internet connection is recommended.

There are several ways how to print the receipt.

The simplest solution is to use Bluetooth Printer.

The second option is to use a USB printer. In this case, you have to physically connect your printer with a tablet or mobile phone.

The third solution is to print on regular A4 printer. You can print directly from the mobile phone if you have a printer driver installed.

The fourth solution is to print on regular A4 printer from your web browser (PC). Go to All your receipts are available in real-time as “Last receipts”. Open receipt in PDF format and print it.

The last solution is to be without printer completely. You can share your receipt directly from mobile phone via SMS, email, whatsapp.

Yes. You can create and print receipts in offline mode. However occasional internet connection is required to synchronize receipt lists and sales items. For example, at the end of the day, we recommend bringing the device to the nearest WIFI. The synchronization is done automatically when the Elementary POS APP is started.

You can check synchronization status at Elementary POS Office.

Yes, you can use Elementary POS for free. No credit card is necessary. However, to use all features we recommend you to switch to PREMIUM or BUSINESS tariff.

More information and Elementary POS price plan.


Please use Google Play and find Elementary POS application there. If Google Play is not available on your device, you can download APK directly here.

Yes. After APP installation please use your credentials. The Elementary POS APP will be automatically synchronized with your company. You can manage all your devices at Elementary POS Office.

Yes. Please invite your users from Elementary POS Office. There are two roles available:

  • Admin user.
  • Employee user – The right is limited only to basic receipt creation.
The new user will use their login details.

Yes. Stock management is available at Elementary POS Office. To use stock, you have to assign a SKU code to all your sales items.

If the mobile phone or tablet has a camera, then yes. You have to scan the barcode as an SKU code first.

More information how to use the barcode scanner with Elementary POS.

Please use context menu on receipt (three dots in the top right corner). Then select Cancel Receipt.

Purchase SumUp Air terminal. Connect Elementary POS with your Sum Up account. Menu/Settings/SumUp terminal settings.

Create a receipt with Elementary POS. Press “Card” button. Then the receipt amount is sent to your terminal and Elementary POS will print the card receipt.

Simple select “Excel Reports” in the main APP menu. A Excel report will arrive at your email address. You can easily process your receipts there. Or you can manage your Excel reports from Elementary POS Office. There are also nice graphs.

Simple install Elementary POS on another device and use your credentials.

Create a new user account with limited rights.

Yes. Technical documentation is here. If you need to extend the API, please contact us at

You need the API key. You can generate your API key at Elementary POS Office.

Yes. If your drawer is connected together with the printer via USB cable, open Elementary POS APP, then “Settings”. Select “Open drawer” checkbox.