POS printer – How to print receipt or invoice

Print your receipt or invoice on small receipt printer or regular A4 printer.

There are several options for printing your receipt:

  • Small receipt printer via Bluetooth.
  • Small receipt printer via USB.
  • Regular A4 WIFI printer.
  • Regular A4 printer connected to your PC.

Or you can have paperless system without printing.

Print on a small Bluetooth printer

The simplest solution is to use Bluetooth Printer. It is a small portable device at the price of around 100 USD. The printer connection is wireless – there is no cable necessary. The Bluetooth printers usually have a battery included. This solution is simple and portable.

Cashino PTP-II Bluetooth printer

You can connect this type of printer with Elementary POS with these steps:

  • Open Elementary POS APP.
  • Open drawer menu (top left button).
  • “Settings” and “Printer settings”.
  • Choose “Bluetooth”.
  • If you do not see your printer, press “DISCOVER PRINTER”. If APP asks for permission, allow all permissions. If you still do not see the printer, try to restart the printer or your device.
  • After selecting your printer, press “TEST PRINT”. Enter the text and the printer should print your text.

Print on USB receipt printer

USB Printer

The reliable solution is to use USB Printer. In this case, you have to physically connect your printer to your tablet or mobile phone. Since your printer probably has USB-B -> USB cable, you need a simple USB cable adapter. This depends on what connector the cell phone has: USB-C or USB micro. Try to find a suitable adapter:

USB Female to USB C Male Adapter
USB Female to USB Micro Adapter

When you connect the printer, Elementary POS will show you the connection screen automatically. If not, please follow these steps:

  • Open Elementary POS APP.
  • Open drawer menu (top left button).
  • “Settings” and “Printer settings”.
  • Choose “USB”.

Some USB printers have the RJ12 connector for cash drawer. When a new receipt is created, the cash drawer can be opened automatically. To setup this, check “Open drawer” checkbox in the “Printer settings” screen.

How to print on a regular A4 printer

Elementary POS creates PDF receipt or invoice. You can print it as a common document. There are two options:

  • Print directly from your Android phone or tablet.
  • Print from your PC (web browser).

Print invoice directly from Android phone

Your printer must support WIFI and the printer must be connected to your local network. Your mobile phone must be on the same WIFI network. Follow your printer vendor instructions on how to install the appropriate driver. You do not need to setup anything in Elementary POS application. To print the receipt press the “PRINT” button on the receipt screen.

Print invoice from your PC

Since all your receipts are synchronized with Elementary POS Office, you can print the receipt from there. Go to Elementary POS Office and select “Last receipts” menu. This list is automatically refreshed – when a new receipt is created, you see the receipt immediately. Please click on “PDF print” to print your receipt or invoice.

Elementary POS Office