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Explore the capabilities of this versatile cash register app. It works on smartphones, tablets, Chromebooks, and all POS devices with the Android operating system. You can download it in several different ways and start using it for free.

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Frequent Updates

We are constantly expanding Elementary POS with new features that serve to simplify your business processes. Check out the most recent additions!

Improved Ordering

We have added the option to cancel an order.

Display Stock Status Next to Each Sales Item

Have your stock status under complete control.

Customizable User Rights

Yay! The new user roles that you’ve been asking for are now here. You are now able to fully customize a user’s role according to your needs.

Moving Items Between Bills

From now on you can easily move a sales item from one bill to another.

Custom Receipt Design

If you need a different font size, a spotlight to your logo, or a different positioning of the order number on your receipt, we have good news for you! You can now fully customize your receipt design.

QR Codes on Receipts

Use QR codes on your receipts for a fast payment or for remote ordering.