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Elementary POS provides complex POS system to run your business easily for a fair price!


Point of sale

Selling done simply and fast

Selling an item with Elementary POS is a piece of cake – it only takes 3 clicks. First, select an item and the payment method (cash or card). If you haven’t previously saved the sales item, simply enter the price, VAT and it’s done. You can set your receipts to be printed automatically or on demand.

Selling items with a barcode

Using barcodes while selling will make your life easier. Easily scan barcodes on sales items using your phone or a barcode scanner. Items without a barcode can be added to the receipt in a few clicks.

Selling via payment terminals

You can install Elementary POS in Sunmi and myPOS terminals.

Printing receipts

You can print receipts with your company logo, share them via e-mail, or give your customer a link to view the receipt online at any time. Our app is compatible with almost any printer via USB, Bluetooth or wifi.

Different payment methods

Elementary POS is compatible with cash as well as card payments.

Splitting a bill

You can split a bill, for example if one part will be paid in cash and another part by card.

Unlimited device number

Under one registration and for a single price, you can connect an unlimited number of devices (Android phones and tablets) to Elementary POS. The devices can function as a cash register, customer display, order display, or as a remote barcode scanner.

Offline sale

With Elementary POS, an unstable internet connection will not limit you. Our app allows you also to sell offline. All your sales will automatically sync into the Elementary POS Office as soon as you connect to the internet.


Would you like to give your customer a discount? Before receiving the payment, you will have the option to enter the amount or percentage of the discount.


A previously issued receipt can easily be canceled.

Cash management​

Keep your cash payments under control.This way, you will limit any possible errors on the side of your employees.

Numbering orders​

Do you use an order numbering system? Our app can help you with that, too!

Customer and order displays​

You can tailor our app to perfectly suit your needs. For example, you can have as many displays as your business requires. Will it be a customer display, a kitchen display, or an order status display to show your customers that their meal is ready? You can set anything up very simply, and all you need is an Android phone or tablet.

Features for gastronomic businesses (restaurants, cafés and bistros)

Kitchen display and printer

Do you need a display for the kitchen or an order printer? You can easily set up both in our application.

Bar display and printer

Do you need a display for the bar or an order printer? You can easily set up both in our application.

Multiple displays

Do you need to have one display at the bar, another one in the kitchen, a third one as an order display for the waiter, and yet another one for the main waiter? That’s just one of the many ways you can set up your Elementary POS. It all depends on the needs of your business.

Open accounts and tables

You can set up open accounts (tables) or temporary ones, depending on what you need. Orders can be added to the open accounts at any time. The customer can then choose to pay for the order immediately or before they leave.

Fast order sync

Orders from the tables are automatically sent to the kitchen and, if you have one, to the bar. Orders are automatically synced to the kitchen and bar displays. You’ll save your staff the time they would otherwise spend running between the venue and the kitchen/bar and reduce the risk of errors.

Remote ordering via a QR code

A great new feature for your business. Allow your customers to order remotely using a QR code. The customer can place an order using their mobile phone and then, you will let them know (f.ex. via the order status display) that the order is ready for pickup. Also, did you know that you can set specific categories to be available for remote orders?

Stock management

Recipes and item combinations

Do you cook based on recipes? Then, with each meal or mixed drink sold, the corresponding volume of stock items will be deducted from your stock.

Resource status

Keep the status of your stock items under control. You can easily find the current status of stock items and edit them just as you need.

Restocking using a barcode

Stock items merely by scanning barcodes. This will save you a lot of time. Of course, you can also stock items manually, without a scanner.

Importing items

You can easily import sales items into the Elementary POS Office using an Excel sheet.

Mass editing of items

Need to edit multiple items at once? You can do so manually, but it is faster and easier with the help of Excel. From Elementary POS, you can export an Excel sheet with one click, make all the changes and upload it back to the office. You’ll be ready in no time.

Stock control

Managing and regularly checking your stock status is a must. You can perform a manual control for your entire stock or just a certain category, for example. You can also speed up your work using a barcode scanner or an Excel sheet. As you already know, you can download your entire stock from Elementary POS with a single click, check all your items, and then reupload it again.

You can view your stock control history or the current stock status at any time.

Sales stats and reports

Sales report and cash journal

Always have your sales under control. Our clear and detailed Excel reports, which you can generate within seconds, will help you with it. Aside from the standard sales report, you can also ask for a report of specifically card or cash payments. Cash box management with Elementary POS is very comfortable and easy thanks to the help of x-reports and z-reports.

Monthly sales report

At any time, you can view a quick report showing you all the sales made during a specific month or a custom time period.

Calculating profit and loss

Elementary POS can calculate gross profit for individual sales items and categories. You can find out, for example, the profit on drinks, meals or sales categories.

Detailed sales statistics

Export your detailed sales report to an Excel sheet. In it, you can gain very valuable insight into your business that can be key if you’d like to increase your revenue. Among others, the detailed sales report can give you access to the following information:
• Sales trends • Most profitable sales items • Filter sales by user, date, item, or combine these filters as you need. • Receipt history • Tax report and assets for your accountant

Managing employees (users) and their rights

Sales by user

Filter individual employee sales. Keep track of their performance, date and times of sale.

User rights (roles)

Assign roles to users so that they can have access to the features they need. You can choose betweeen Admin, Employee and Accountant roles.

Your data are safe and you can access them from anywhere

Data backup

You won’t lose your data. All your data is securely stored in the cloud and backed up regularly. And what to do if you lose your device? Just replace it, install the app, log in with your username and you’re ready to sell again.

Access from anywhere

You can access your company’s virtual office via our web application. You can access your stock management, sales items, edit user permissions, or download sales reports.

Would you like to use Elementary POS for just a short period of time?

If you stop using the app, you won’t lose any data. You can resume your payment at any time and start selling again.

Giving your accountant access to Elementary POS

Provide your accountants access to your sales data with the Elementary POS Office web application. The accountant can download sales reports and you don’t have to worry about it.


Easy to use

Elementary POS works on any Android device (phone, tablet), as well as Sunmi and myPOS terminals.

Various connections

You can connect Elementary POS to various devices: receipt printers (USB or Bluetooth), cash drawers or barcode scanners (Bluetooth or USB).


Write to us

Is something not working in the app, or do you need help setting it up? E-mail us at support@elementarypos.com. We are there for you!

Customization – Plugins

Rest API and integration

Do you need to connect Elementary POS with your internal system? We have an API ready for you and it is possible to modify it as you desire. More informations: api.elementarypos.com

WordPress plugin

We have created a WordPress plugin for you, with which you can display sales items or even a daily menu on your website.

Would you like to customize our app in any other way?

We will be happy to accommodate you and adapt Elementary POS to the needs of your business. Contact us!

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