Elementary POS – easy to use

POS System for your Jewelry Store

Elementary POS will help you run your jewelry business without a hassle. Our POS software is well suited for stores of any size.

Install the app and you can start selling within a minute.

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Carefree sales and operation

You can use the app for free and enjoy even more features in the PREMIUM plan for one fair price.

Easy to use application​

Anyone can operate the Elementary POS without a manual. Just a moment and you can sell. ​

Unlimited devices for one price​​

For one price, you can have unlimited devices. Whether you run a business by yourself, have employees or several devices, you pay only one fair price.​​

No commitment and free tarif

You can cancel your subscription or switch to a free plan at any time. And you won't lose your data, which is great for seasonal sale.​

Countless features - One fair price

Use Elementary POS for free or as Premium

Premium for
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Simple and Fast Sales

With Elementary POS, you can serve more customers without worry. And what does our app do?

  • Multiple cash registers at the same time
  • Sell items effortlessly through barcode scanning
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Connect to a payment terminal
  • Compatibility with specific payment terminals (e.g., Sunmi or myPOS)
  • Conduct offline sales
  • Bill splitting option
  • Connect an unlimited number of devices.
  • Customer display integration
  • Cash drawer opening functionality
  • Receipt sharing and printing

Efficient Stock Management

Keep your stock and sales items under control. Worry-free warehouse management. And what does our app do?

  • Real-time and user-friendly stock management
  • Access stock status with ease
  • Manage recipes and stock item combinations
  • Utilize barcodes to find items quickly
  • Import and export items
  • Bulk editing of stock items
  • Keep stock items updated and accurate

Elementary POS is compatible with different types of hardware

Our app can communicate with various external devices. You can connect it to:

  • Multiple receipt printers (USB or Bluetooth)
  • Cash drawer
  • Card payment terminal
  • Barcode scanner (Bluetooth or USB). In case you don’t have or don’t want to purchase a new barcode scanner, even an older Android phone will serve you well!

Sales Statistics and Reports

You will be in control of your sales. Everyone needs to know how the business is doing. And that’s where our fine-tuned statistics come in. What will you find out?

  • Sales overview and cash journal
  • Advanced reports
  • Profit and loss calculation
  • Central sales control

Employee (User) Management

In Elementary POS you can add unlimited number of users or employees. You can set different user permissions and track their sales. We have such gadgets in the application as well. And the best part is that everything comes at one price.

  • Option to add more employees (all for one price)
  • Sales by employees
  • Central sales control
  • User permissions

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Why use Elementary POS if you own a jewelry shop?

Elementary POS will polish the business processes of your jewelry store. If you’re seeking a POS system tailored for shops, look no further. Elementary POS provides you with precise control over your precious sales items, sales statistics, and user roles for your employees.

Cost-Effective Scaling

Elementary POS stands out as one of the most cost-effective  point of sale systems, considering its extensive features. You pay a single, reasonable price regardless of the number of devices  connected to the system. This makes it budget-friendly and predictable, without hidden costs.

Customizable Setup

Create a network of devices tailored to your business needs. You can connect just cash register devices or expand to include customer displays, printers, payment terminal and a cash drawer. This flexibility allows you to configure your POS system exactly as you need it.

Future-Proof Investment

As your business expands, Elementary POS grows with you, ensuring that you don’t outgrow your POS system. This makes it a future-proof investment that supports long-term growth.


In summary, Elementary POS offers a flexible, cost-effective, and scalable solution for jewelry businesses of all sizes. Its customizable setup and single pricing model make it an ideal choice for managing your point of sale needs efficiently and affordably.