In the virtual Back Office of your Elementary POS system, you can now access information regarding your customers and suppliers.  In the Main Menu, select Directory. There, you can expand

In Elementary POS, the power of customization reaches new heights, allowing an unlimited addition of users to your account. Each employee can now engage with the cash register or Back

Newly, you can allow your customers to comfortably order items with a QR code from their mobile phone. This remote ordering system is very simple and can save you a lot of

We are excited to showcase yet another enhancement of our Elementary POS app – the external barcode scanner. Our aim is to continually improve our app’s functionality to make it more

Sales reports are an essential part of Elementary POS. Along with the cash register, they are the most frequently used function of our app. That is why we decided to

We listen to the wishes of our users, that is why we can introduce a brand new feature of Elementary POS which will be appreciated by anyone who has a restaurant, a bar

You can now connect a customer display to your Elementary POS cash register. This enables your customer to view their receipt before the payment. In this article, we’ll describe more in

You can setup your company logo at Elementary POS Office. More info how to create logo on receipt.

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