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Frequently Asked Questions

General questions


What is Elementary POS?

Elementary POS is an application that serves as a cash register and runs on your mobile device. In order to run Elementary POS, you’ll need a phone or a tablet with Android OS.

Elementary POS is used to:

Included with the features of Elementary POS is the virtual Office, which is a web app you can find at the following address:

What do I need to get Elementary POS up and running?

Elementary POS can also connect to terminals, such as MyPOS SMART N5, Carbon, F20, Sunmi, POS Tousei, etc.

How do I install Elementary POS?

If you have Google Play store on your phone, after opening it, search for Elementary POS and install it.

If you don’t have Google Play, you can download the app directly from our Elementary POS website.

Does Elementary POS run on an iPhone?

The app itself is currently only available for Android.

However, Elementary POS Office can be used on Apple devices.

What is Elementary POS Office?

This is your virtual office that allows you to:

For maximum convenience when using the Elementary POS Office, we recommend using a desktop. The application works on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android devices.

Does Elementary POS also work offline?

Yes. Elementary POS can display goods and create receipts without Internet connection.

However, to create accounts or track meal orders, an Internet connection is necessary.

You also need Internet connection to synchronize your sales data to the Elementary POS Office. If you are out of range, the data will be automatically synchronized once you connect back.

An Internet connection is also required for the customer display.

Is it possible to have multiple cash registers linked to my Elementary POS account?

Yes. All you have to do is install Elementary POS on the device you’d like to use and enter your login information (name and password). You can manage cash registers in the Elementary POS Office.

How does the synchronization work between the mobile cash register and the Elementary POS Office?

It happens automatically. Once you are within range of the Internet, Elementary POS downloads the current list of sold items and syncs it to the Elementary POS Office.

I have been testing Elementary POS until now. How do I delete test receipts?

You can delete them one by one via the mobile app. If you have too many, or if you no longer have the mobile app available, you can easily create a new account in Elementary POS and keep the original one for testing or employee training.

If you would like to move sales items from the old account to your new one, you can simply do an Export from the test account and then, an Import into the current account.

The device I ran my cash register on is broken, what should I do?

All your sales items and data are stored in the Elementary POS Office. After installing the app on your new device, enter your username and password and you can continue working where you left off.

What is a “customer display”? Does Elementary POS support it?

A customer display is used to display the receipt directly to the customer. Elementary POS allows you to create a customer display using another phone or tablet. If you enter a sale at your cash register, the sales amount and all other information will also automatically appear on the customer display. In addition to the amount, the customer also sees the note on the receipt, the type of payment and, in the case of a cash payment, the amount they paid and how much will be returned to them.

How do I install and connect the customer display to the cash register?

Install the Elementary POS app on the device where you would like to run the customer display. Go to the Settings and select “Customer Display”. Choose which checkout the customer display should monitor and confirm with a click. In order to use the customer display feature, you will need an internet connection.


Is it possible to have multiple currencies within one company?

No, unfortunately that is not possible. You need to set up a new company and switch between them.


Bills and sales items


How can sales items be added to receipts?

There are several ways you can do this.

1) Select items from your list:

Elementary POS will display all items of a given category. With a single tap, you add one item. If you press and hold, you can proceed to select any quantity.

2) Through the calculator:

Using the calculator, you can enter a specific amount that will appear on the receipt. If you wish to add a particular item, you can use an “M code” to do that quickly. For example, 2M3+M4 translates to two lemonades and one coffee.

3) Barcode Scanner:

When you scan the barcode, the sales item will automatically appear in the app. If you press and hold, you can proceed to select any quantity.

I have too many sales items. Is there a way to sort them?

Yes, you can group sales items into categories. You can also assign different colors to the categories. By selecting a specific color, you can have the app display items only of this selected color.

Can the product selection be modified before the receipt is printed?

On the summary page, double tap the list of items before generating the receipt. You will see plus and minus buttons to add or remove items. It is possible to also undo to the product selection or add more items.

What is the M button on the calculator for?

The “M code” is an abbreviation for sales items on your list. The M button is used to simplify the entry of these codes on the calculator. For example, 2M3+M4 translates to two lemonades and one coffee. If you can’t remember what code you should use, you can double tap the M button and a list of all your shortcuts and sales items will pop up.

How to enter a discount on a receipt?

On the summary screen, double tap the receipt. A button to enter a discount will pop up. You can enter a percentage or absolute discount.

How to cancel a receipt?

On the receipt preview, tap on the three dots in the upper right corner and select the option to cancel the receipt.

If the receipt has an assigned number, it is only possible to delete the last receipt created. It is to prevent gaps in receipt sequences.

If you need to cancel a receipt other than the last one (for example when issuing a refund), you have to invalidate it by issuing a new, negative receipt with the same value. This brings the sum of sales to zero.

How does receipt numbering work?

Elementary POS allows you to have multiple cash registers at the same time. The app can also issue receipts offline. That is why each of your cash registers has a different prefix in the receipt number. This ensures that there are no two receipts with an identical number. And to prevent gaps in numbering, it is not allowed to delete receipts except for the last one created.

If you need to cancel a receipt other than the last one (for example when issuing a refund), you have to invalidate it by issuing a new, negative receipt with the same value. This brings the sum of sales to zero.

The receipt numbering can be turned off in the settings. After that, the deletion of receipts is not limited.

How to add a customer?

On the displayed receipt, tap the three dots in the upper right corner and select the option to add a customer.

Can I view the receipt in PDF?

On the displayed receipt, tap the three dots in the upper right corner and select the option to view the invoice in PDF.

Can the receipt be shared?

Yes. On the receipt preview, you will find the option to share the receipt. A PDF receipt link is shared.

Is it possible to add a custom note visible to the customer on the receipt?

On the displayed receipt, tap on the three dots in the upper right corner and select the option to add a note.

Can cash and card payments be distinguished?

Yes. On the receipt, you will see the options to pay “Cash” and “By card”. Elementary POS will then display how much money should be recorded in the cash register. Information about the payment is also displayed in the sales overview.


Sales items and categories


How to create sales items?

You can create sales items directly in the mobile app. However, we recommend using Elementary POS Office on your desktop for maximum comfort. The easiest way to import sales items is through Excel. Sales items are then automatically synced into the Elementary POS app itself.


What is an M code?

An M code is an abbreviation for entering items via the Calculator. If, for example, you enter the code M3 for the item “Lemonade”, then two lemonades can be typed into the calculator as follows: 2xM3, or even simpler: 2M3.

What is a SKU code?

The SKU code is a unique product code consisting of letters and numbers. It can be any identifier, for example AX566564463.

In the Elementary POS application, the SKU code is used as:

You do not need to fill in the SKU code if you are not using a barcode scanner or the Stock.

Can I have a sales item with a variable price?

Yes. You can create a sales item without a fixed price. The cash register will ask you to enter the price when selecting the item for the receipt.

How to create sales categories?

You create sales categories in the Elementary POS Office. Determine which categories are relevant to the products or services you provide. You can categorize your items, for example, as “Beverages”, and then further divide those into “Alcoholic” and “Non-alcoholic”. Categories can also be nested within each other.


Can sales be tracked by category?

Yes, in the sales report, you can easily find out which product categories brought you the greatest revenue. You can download the sales report in Excel in the Elementary POS Office.

It is also possible to track your profit according to superior categories.

Can I track which category brings the most profit?

Yes, while going through your sales report, you can easily find out which category of goods brings the highest profit. You can download the report to Excel (or Libre Office) in the Elementary POS Office.

It is also possible to track profit according to superior categories.

Is it possible to nest categories?

Yes. You can categorize your items, for example, as “Beverages”, and then further divide those into “Alcoholic” and “Non-alcoholic”.


Printing receipts


What printers are supported?

Elementary POS works on most Bluetooth or USB printers that support the POS standard. See a list of all supported printers.

Should I go for a Bluetooth or a USB printer?

The Bluetooth printer is wireless, so it’s easier to carry with you. USB printers are suitable for fixed spots, where you just install them and not move around too much. Some USB printers also offer a cash drawer connection, which means that you can set up for it to open automatically upon completing a sale.

Is it possible to print the company logo on the receipt?

Yes. It is possible to set the logo in the Elementary POS office. However, not all printers allow logo printing.

Can receipts be printed on a large printer?

Yes. However, it is necessary to install a driver issued by the printer manufacturer into your phone. The printing itself takes place outside Elementary POS.

What are ESC POS codes?

These are some of the codes that control the printer. Thanks to ESC codes, it is possible to change fonts, do some basic formatting, set up language encoding (diacritics – if necessary), or crop the paper.

Is it possible to crop the paper after printing the receipt?

Yes, if the printer supports cropping. It can be set up directly in Elementary POS, in the print settings.

Is it possible to set the cash drawer to open automatically after printing the receipt?

Yes. Some printers offer a cash drawer connection. After printing the receipt, Elementary POS sends a signal to the printer, which forwards the instruction to the cash drawer.

The cash drawer opening settings can be found directly in the Elementary POS app, in the Printing settings.

What is ECO printing?

If you select ECO printing, then instead of a receipt, only a website link to view it will be printed. By visiting this link, the full receipt can be viewed and downloaded.

Is it possible to automatically print a receipt?

Yes. In the Print settings, select the Automatic Printing option. A receipt is printed as soon as a certain type of payment (card, cash) is made.




Can Elementary POS register items into the Stock feature?

Yes. If you wish to register a sales item in Stock, you must first assign it a SKU code. After that, the item will appear in Stock.

The free Elementary POS tariff only allows you to enter the SKU code for 4 items.

How do I add items to Stock?

You edit the Stock inventory in the Elementary POS Office. The Stock feature is connected to your Elementary POS app, and when online, the number of items in Stock is automatically updated. Therefore, if a sale is made through the mobile cash register, the amount of that item in Stock will also decrease.

Where can I view the number of items that are currently in Stock?

We will once again refer you to the Elementary POS Office. You can either view the current Stock status directly in the Office, or you can download a report to Excel (or Libre Office).

Can both profits and losses be tracked?

Yes. In the Stock report, you are able to view both the profits and losses for individual items and categories.

How to stock and sell items by units?

We will explain this feature with an example:How to stock up a beer barrel and sell beers? After stocking up a barrel of beer, you can sell different amounts of beer and have the changes automatically subtract a corresponding amount of beer from your stocked barrel.

  1. In the main menu of the office, choose “Sales items settings” and then “Stock item”.
  2. Click on “New stock item” and enter your beer barrel’s name, SKU code, volume, purchase price and the preferred unit.
  3. Go to “Stock status”, tap on your beer barrel and add a chosen volume of the product, for example, 50 litres of beer.
  4. In the main menu of the office, choose “Sales item.” Set up separate sales items for all sizes of beers you’re selling. In the details of the sales item, select “Combination of sales items.” After this, you’ll be entering the “source” from which you’ll be selling, which is your beer barrel, the amount, and the unit.

For a more detailed overview, read our article on this topic! 


I have several employees. Can I have multiple users in Elementary POS?

Yes. Each user has their separate login data (name and password).

I don’t want my employees to have access to the Elementary POS Office.

Elementary POS allows you to set up a Role for each user (learn more about Roles in the question below). To limit your employees’ access to the Office, you can assign them the “salesperson” role. This will allow them to create receipts, but won’t have access to other features of the app.

What Roles can a user have?

There are 3 types of Roles in Elementary POS:

Would you like to read about Roles more in detail? Then we wrote this article just for you.


Can the user (login) name be changed?

That is not possible. You can only change the e-mail and Roles.


How do Shifts work?

The opportunity to start a Shift is automatically offered to the seller immediately after they log into the app. At the beginning of the Shift, the seller logs in with their name and password. All sales made during the Shift are attributed to that seller. At the end of the Shift, the seller sees how much cash should be in the cash register. When logging out of a Shift, the seller can enter a custom note. The Shift must be ended manually.

In the Elementary POS Office, it is possible to track when the seller closed the Shift and what the number of cash and card sales was.


Bar codes, scanner


Is it possible to use my phone camera or an external scanner to scan barcodes?

Yes, both options are possible. Just turn on the barcode reader in Elementary POS app settings.

Where is the barcode value entered?

It is entered for each sales item as its unique SKU code. You can scan the code at the touch of a button – no need to enter the code manually.

How does product selection work using a barcode?

Aim the barcode scanner at the barcode. As soon as the app reads the barcode, the respective sales item will appear on the device’s display. By short tapping it, you can edit the quantity. If you’d like to add a large number of these items at the same time, press and hold the item to enter the amount manually.


Export sales


How does the sales report work?

In Elementary POS Office, you have the option to export sales data from a selected period.

You can open the sales report in Excel (or Libre Office). The data can be then easily handled by an accountant.

What can I find in the sales report?

Sales made by all users and their respective devices can be viewed in the report.

Data available for each sale:

The Report contains multiple tabs, each of which groups sales by the following categories:

What can I find in the Stock report?

Both individual sales items and whole categories can be tracked and filtered in Stock reports..

How to send a sales report to the accountant?

Add your accountant to your Elementary POS tariff as a new user and assign them the respective Role. The Accountant can then log into the Elementary POS Office and access the required data.


Accounts and bills per table


Is it possible to create a bill for per table in the app?

Yes, you can create a “permanent” bill and even enter a custom name for it.

What is the difference between a permanent and a temporary bill?

The temporary bill will automatically disappear once it is paid. You want to use temporary bills for your individual customers, and permanent bills if for groups of customers that have come together, such as those sitting at the same table.

Is it possible to split a bill into multiple receipts?

Yes. Press the “Split bill” button on the bill preview screen.

If I have multiple cash registers, are the bills shared among them?

Yes, bills are automatically shared between cash registers. You can, for example, receive orders at one cash register, and issue receipts at another one at the same time.

Do I need Internet connection to use bills?

Yes, unfortunately, your bills are not fully functional without Internet. If you’re not connected, you can view your current bills, but you can’t make changes to them.

Can a meal order ticket be sent to the kitchen after adding an item to the account?

Yes. In Elementary POS, open “Orders” in the settings. As soon as a new meal order is issued, it will be printed automatically.


How do orders work?

Once a customer places an order for a sales item, such as a soda for a specific table, an order is created. You can view the order on any device, such as the order display in the kitchen.

Can I have multiple order displays? One for the kitchen and one for the bar?

Yes, you can have multiple order displays. If you wish to differentiate sales items so that drinks go straight to the bar and food goes to the kitchen, you can adjust these settings in the order display configuration. Items are distinguished by color.

When is an order created?

By default, an order is created when you add a sales item to an account, such as a soda for a specific table. You can also choose to create the order upon payment (generating a receipt). This option is suitable for caseswhere the customer pays first and then waits for the order.

What happens while the order is processed?

While an order is being processed, it will be marked as “For Delivery”. This way, the waiter knows what and where to deliver.

Is it possible to have two order displays, with one showing pending orders and the other showing completed orders?

Yes, this can be configured in the order display settings.

Can the order be printed and can there be a sound alert for it?

Yes, the order can be printed, and you can set up a sound alert for it.

Are orders only useful for restaurants and gastronomy in general?

No, orders can also be used, for example, to request goods from a warehouse.

Credit card integration


Can I connect Elementary POS to a payment terminal?

Yes. The following payment terminals are currently supported:


How does the connection with the payment terminal work?

After generating a receipt, select payment by card. The amount is automatically transferred to the terminal. After the payment, a confirmation is automatically printed.

Can the amount sent to the payment terminal be edited? For example, in the case of receiving a tip.

Yes. After selecting payment by card, tap on the pencil icon above the displayed amount to edit it.

Can card payments be recorded even if I don’t have a SumUp or MyPos terminal?

Yes. Select payment “By card” on the receipt preview screen. There will be no connection to the terminal, but you will have a registered information for your reports that this payment was not in cash.


Integration into other systems


Is it possible to connect the XXX system to Elementary POS?

Yes, we do provide a simple API.

How does API authorization work?

You create an API key in the Elementary POS Office. This key must then be sent in the request header.

I would like a feature added, but it is not included in the API. Is it possible to add it?

Yes, get in touch with us. We are happy to enrich the API.


Any further questions?

If you did not find the answer to yours, let us know. We will be happy to answer you.