10 Reasons why to Start Using Elementary POS

We understand the challenges of acquiring an efficient checkout solution without breaking the bank. That’s why we developed Elementary POS – to allow you to concentrate on your business without the burden of soaring costs associated with expensive devices and apps.

What do we offer you?

A customizable cash register system tailored to the needs of your establishment, all for the price of a coffee and a cake. ) The mobile cash register exclusively functions on phones and tablets with the Android system, but the Elementary POS Back Office can be accessed from other devices as well.



Turn your Android device into a full-fledged POS system effortlessly. Elementary POS serves as a cash register, virtual office, and warehouse, requiring only a mobile phone or tablet with the Android system to operate.

Unrivaled Price
in the Market


All features offered by Elementary POS come at one fair price. The Premium version of Elementary POS, at just 4.99 USD per month, grants you access to all features with no additional charges. Even in the free version, you can connect an unlimited number of devices and users. How can we keep the price so low? Thanks to a unique technical solution and automation, we are able to provide you a cost-effective cash register operation.


Primary Advantage

Think of Elementary POS as a flexible building block that adapts to your operation. Ideal for businesses of almost any size, it caters to entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses, as well as larger companies. 

You have the flexibility to create a sophisticated cash register system tailored to your needs, with an unlimited number of devices and users under a single license. 

Connect additional devices such as a cash drawer, printer, barcode scanner, or payment terminal.


Save Your
Time and Money

We can help you reduce business operation costs not only due to our application’s price but also by eliminating the need for expensive cash registers. Elementary POS operates on mobile phones and tablets. If a device malfunctions, simply replace it, log in with your Elementary POS credentials, and resume where you left off.



Download Elementary POS and start selling within minutes.


Staff Training

The application is very simple to use, and staff training takes just a few minutes.



No internet access? No problem. Elementary POS works offline, allowing you to issue and print receipts. Sales data automatically syncs when you connect to the internet.


Special Functions
for Efficient Operation

We continually enhance the application with special features, like remote ordering using QR codes or detecting suspicious employee behavior using AI. Gastro Enterprises will particularly appreciate the option to combine sales items into recipes that deduct raw materials from your stock with each meal or mixed drink sold.


Access Your Back Office
From Anywhere

Access the Elementary POS Back Office from wherever you are – whether you’re on a train or working remotely while visiting your relatives. Monitor sales, view advanced statistics, stock status, and manage sales items or users at any time.


No Obligations

Cancel your Premium subscription anytime and switch to a free plan without losing any of your sales data – very convenient if you need to use Elementary POS during seasonal sales, for example.

Ready to start?

Let’s find out how Elementary POS can help you with your business. Easy to use POS software for a fair price.