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User-friendly POS system for your Smartphone

Mobile cash register or versatile point of sale software. All you need is an Android phone or tablet.

Countless features - One fair price

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Turn your phone or tablet into a simple cash register or a complex POS system

Elementary POS can turn your phone into a smart cash register or a large-scale Point of Sale system. It’s a user-friendly and easily expandable POS solution that adapts to your business needs.

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Why Our Customers Love Elementary POS


It's all about simplicity, getting the job done easily, quickly and effortlessly. We want to make things as easy as possible for entrepreneurs and simplify operational processes so they can focus on what's important, their business.


Whether you just need a mobile cash register or a complex point of sale system, Elementary POS can be scaled to meet the needs of your operation.

Fair pricing

This is the dream of every business owner. Not to worry about rising costs thanks to an app that takes care of the whole business at one fair price.

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Discover the special features of Elementary POS

We offer a plethora of smart features that will simplify your operation and enable you to run your business smoothly. From an efficient sales module to a flexible inventory, sales items and employee management.

Simple and Fast Sales

Serve your customer in a heartbeat. A win-win situation.

Stock Management

Keep your inventory and sales items under control.

Features for Gastronomic Businesses

Fine-tuned features specially for restaurants, cafes and bistros

More features you'll love

– Remote ordering with a QR code
– Mobile waiter
– Recipes (combine sales items)
– AI detection of suspicious employee behavior

What customers say about Elementary POS

POS system that suits your industry

Run your business with Elementary POS

A flexible Point of Sale solution that easily adapts to the industry you work in.

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Elementary POS is an Ideal Mobile App for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Elementary POS is a comprehensive and user-friendly POS software that also serves as an electronic online cash register. It enables you to manage your entire business on an Android phone or tablet. This smart point of sale solution allows you to issue receipts via a mobile app and access all your sales data through a virtual office platform. It also works both offline and online. The cash register app helps you run your business with ease.