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How to setup a simple cash register in minute


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Do you need a cash register? Do not buy expensive big machines. Do not pay high monthly rates. There is a clever cheap option.

What do we need?

  • Android phone or tablet.
  • Optional Bluetooth or USB printer.
  • Optional Card reader.

Android phone or tablet for POS

We can buy new one for 100 USD. Do not spend to much money because Elementary POS system works almost on any Android phone. We can install Elementary POS from Google Play. If Google Play is not available on our device, go to Elementary POS download page.

The advantage is that we can buy an Android phone very cheaply and we are not dependent on one manufacturer. We can also use various accessories such as chargers, power banks.

Bluetooth or USB printer

  • Bluetooth printers. Pros: wireless, with battery, portable.
  • USB printers. Pros: Socket for drawer. Easy to setup. More robust.

A small POS Bluetooth printer we recommend for printing. The advantage is portability and cheap printing. For example CASHINO PTP-II is ideal printer. The battery lasts a very long time and the wireless connection is convenient. Another option is to use a POS USB printer. However, this is only suitable for fixed installations.

Card terminal

If you want to accept credit cards, card reader is necessary. You can buy cheap Sum Up terminal and connect it with Elementary POS. Elementary POS sends the amount to the card terminal. When the transaction is processed, the card receipt is printed.

All in one solution

If you want to have POS device together with the printer and card reader, try to use MyPos device. Elementary POS works also on this device 🙂

Thanks to printing on a small POS printer, we can quickly print a receipt. The customer obtains proof of purchase, and we resolve the legal requirements.

Another important thing is that we get an overview of sales. A sales overview will help our accountant. And if we have more employees selling goods or services, we will get an overview of sales per individual employee. And finally, it’s not just about receiving cash. We want to accept credit cards also. And the sales overview should include all this information. You can check the example of sales overview there.

Elementary POS automatically sends all receipts to the cloud, so no backup is necessary. We can export all sales from all cash registers to a single Excel file. Excel is a powerful tool for post-sales processing. It is possible to filter and sort by date of sale, price of goods, taxes, type of payment (cash, card) and other columns. If the cash register is used by more than one employee, the cash register automatically records who registered the revenue and this information is also available in the Excel file.

We don’t even have to print receipts. Our customer can find his/her receipt as PDF file at We only need to provide unique code to our customers. The code is generated automatically.

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