With the help of the WordPress plugin, you can easily display your sales items that are tracked in the Elementary POS application directly on your website. This feature can be used, for example, to display the price list of your products or to present the current daily menu in your restaurant.

The plugin allows you to configure which items should be displayed on your website. You can choose to show only items with a specific color or from a certain category, for example. With these options, you can easily customize the display of your products to best fit your needs and requirements.

Elementary POS allows you to issue receipts via a mobile app and access all your sales data through a virtual office platform. You only need an Android device to operate Elementary POS. Offline and online cash register.

How to put sales items from Elementary POS to your WordPress page

Please use WordPress Shortcode

Show all sales items


Show sales items from ‘Drinks’ category

‘[elementarypos_items category=”Drinks”]’

Show sales items from ‘Drinks’ category and only with color 1

Colors are from range 1-8.

‘[elementarypos_items category=”Drinks” color=”1″]’

Show only name and price columns

Available columns: name,price,category,note

‘[elementarypos_items columns=”name,price”]’


Installation Instructions

Upload the Elementary POS WP plugin to your website, activate it, and then enter your Elementary POS API key.

  • Go to Elementary POS Office.
  • Select ‘Company Settings’ and ‘API’.
  • Click ‘Enable API’ button.
  • Copy API key.
  • In WordPress select ‘Elementary POS Settings’ in the left menu.
  • Paste your API key there.

How do I make the daily menu available for my restaurant website?

On the Elementary POS Office move your sales items to a category such as “Daily Menu”. On the WordPress page use this shortcode:

‘[elementarypos_items category=”Daily Menu”]’

The daily menu items will be displayed.

I’m missing some feature or I want to extend the plugin.

Please write to our email support@elementarypos.com. We are happy to extend the plugin.