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In Elementary POS, the power of customization reaches new heights, allowing an unlimited addition of users to your account. Each employee can now engage with the cash register or Back

The PREMIUM version of Elementary POS enables you to establish multiple cash registers in the Back Office. Each connected device can have different settings, including an assigned user or the

Today, we’re going to explore something you’ve undoubtedly encountered but might not have given much thought to: barcodes. Yes, those black and white stripes that you see on almost every

If your business is using payments by cash, connecting a cash drawer to your Elementary POS app has made your transactions much easier. It enables you to make the cash drawer

We listen to the wishes of our users, that is why we can introduce a brand new feature of Elementary POS which will be appreciated by anyone who has a restaurant, a bar

Almost everyone had a business idea at least once in their life, but few have the persistence and courage to give life to their ideas. Are you on a crossroad and hesitating

Any peak season always comes with a lot of traffic. Let’s make sure you are prepared for it, if you are planning to hire part-time workers. Some things, if done on time,

Or, should you get a special one for this purpose?  If you`re currently running your business solo, your own Android phone can likely do the job. However, if you’re running a company

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