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Elementary POS is your cash register, stock and virtual office in one simple app that can run on any Android device. In this article, we will focus on the Stock

You can now view your Cash journal (or cash log) in Elementary POS. In the Cash journal, you can see the current balance that should be in your cash drawer

If you’d like to enter sales items faster than ever while using your Elementary POS cash register, using a barcode scanner is the way to go. There are two ways to

Elementary POS is able to fully run on your Android phone or tablet. However, if you are looking for a device that can also serve as a payment terminal and a printer, MyPOS

Shifts in Elementary POS are a very useful tool if you’re running a business that already has some employees. Not only can you create a separate account for them in your Elementary POS

Sales reports are an essential part of Elementary POS. Along with the cash register, they are the most frequently used function of our app. That is why we decided to

We listen to the wishes of our users, that is why we can introduce a brand new feature of Elementary POS which will be appreciated by anyone who has a restaurant, a bar

You can now connect a customer display to your Elementary POS cash register. This enables your customer to view their receipt before the payment. In this article, we’ll describe more in

Almost everyone had a business idea at least once in their life, but few have the persistence and courage to give life to their ideas. Are you on a crossroad and hesitating

So, you’ve made the decision to attend this large event where you’ll have multiple stands offering your products? That is a big step. No need to be worried, though! If you’re

In this article, we’ll go through another feature of the Elementary POS app: the Stock. In this virtual warehouse, you can store information on the numbers of items you have

Elementary POS doesn’t just provide you with a portable cash register, it can also give you access to custom exports of all your sales data to Excel. This fact is known

Any peak season always comes with a lot of traffic. Let’s make sure you are prepared for it, if you are planning to hire part-time workers. Some things, if done on time,

Today’s article will provide you with some useful tips if you’re issuing receipts with Elementary POS. These tips will ensure you can save a lot of time and use your cash register

No need to call any technicians, you can really do this on your own! If you have just downloaded Elementary POS, this article is here to guide you through the

Many of you have been using the Elementary POS as a simple, inexpensive cash register solution. Of course, its biggest advantage consists in that you only need an Android mobile device

Or, should you get a special one for this purpose?  If you`re currently running your business solo, your own Android phone can likely do the job. However, if you’re running a company

You can setup your company logo at Elementary POS Office. More info how to create logo on receipt.

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