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Find out how many sales items remain in your stock. With Elementary POS it is easy with just one click. Log into Elementary POS Office and select the Stock tab.

There is a really nice feature in the Elementary POS APP. You can edit all your sales items in one Excel file. This is a very effective way to edit multiple items

There are several ways to issue a receipt or an invoice with Elementary POS. An advantage that all these methods share is that you only need a mobile phone or a tablet to

Make your life easier with the POS barcode scanner. You do not have to search sales items manually. Just point your camera at the barcode and the sales item is

Is it possible to run your Elementary POS cash register without a printer? Of course it is. There are several options when it comes to printing with Elementary POS. If you

Print your receipt or invoice on small receipt printer or regular A4 printer. There are several options for printing your receipt: Or you can have paperless system without printing. Print

Do you need a cash register? Do not buy expensive big machines. Do not pay high monthly rates. There is a clever cheap option. What do we need? Android phone or tablet

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