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How to create a receipt or invoice

How to create a receipt or invoice from mobile phone or tablet with Elementary POS APP. We can choose between three methods according to what suits us:

  • Method A: We can use the sales item list.
  • Method B: We can use barcode scanner.
  • Method C: We can use clever calculator.

All these methods can be combined. We can select a sales item with the barcode scanner first and then use the clever calculator later.

Sales item list – price list

This is the simplest method for adding sales item to the receipt.

Just simply tap on the sales item we want to include in the receipt or invoice. We can tap several times to increase the quantity. With a long press, we can enter the quantity. If we have a lot of sales items, we can simply filter them by colour. Or we can define sales categories. If we make an error, we can press “CLEAR” and the last sales item will be removed. If the sales item does not have the price specified, the APP asks for the price.

POS Barcode scanner

The barcode scanner helps us to quickly find sales items with our camera.

Point your camera at the barcode attached to the sales item. When the barcode is recognized, we can hear a beep sound. We can tap several times to increase the quantity. If we make an error, we can press “CLEAR” and the last sales item will be removed. The downside is that we have to setup sales items first. More information on how to setup the barcode scanner.

Clever calculator

The calculator is the most versatile tool for entering the sales items.

Elementary POS calculator

The simplest way to create a new receipt is to enter the price and press the “RECEIPT” button. Then we will be asked for the tax and we can manually change the name of the sales item.

However, we can use the clever calculator to create more complex receipts.

Each sales item has a calculator code. For example:

  • M1 Beer
  • M2 Water
  • M3 Lemonade
  • M4 Wire (1 meter)
  • M5 Lunch menu (no price is specified)

We can create these expressions:

  • Two beers and one lemonade: 2xM1+1xM3
  • Three beers and water and lemonade: 3M1+M2+M3
  • 10.5 meters of wire: 10.5M4
  • Lunch menu with the price 10 USD: 10M5
  • Lunch menu 10 USD, Lunch menu 15 USD and two lemonades: 10M5+15M5+2M3

Tip: If you do not remember M code, try to press M button two times !

You can also switch to the Sales items list or barcode scanner if necessary.

Confirm receipt screen

When we press “RECEIPT” button, we can make the final receipt check. If there is something wrong, we can change the quantity of the sales items. Click on icon at the top right corner to change it. Or we can go back to the calculator. If everything is ok, press the “CREATE RECEIPT” button.

Edit receipt

When the receipt or invoice is created, we can modify it. To edit receipt or invoice press context menu at the top right corner:

We have these options:

  • Card payment. We can mark the receipt as a card payment. The card payments are visible in the Excel exports and we can filter these payments later to distinguish cash and card payments.
  • Add note. We can add an optional note to the receipt. This note will be printed on the receipt. Note is also available in the Excel reports.
  • Add customer. We can add the customer details to the receipt. Sometimes this step is mandatory to create a valid invoice – may depend on the total price of the receipt. The customer is printed on the receipt.
  • Cancel receipt. We can cancel receipt. There are two methods:
    • Wipe receipt completely – Only admin can do it. The receipt must be the last receipt.
    • Create a new negative receipt. The total sum of these two receipts is zero.

Logo on receipt

You can setup your company logo at Elementary POS Office. More info how to create logo on receipt.

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