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Paperless POS without the printer?

Is it possible to have a POS receipt system without printing? Yes it is.

There are many printing options with Elementary POS. If we do not have a printer or we want to protect our environment we can use a true paperless system.

Share the receipt code

Each receipt generated by Elementary POS has a unique short code such as EAB2-U0FI. Share this code with your customer. The first four letters do not change. Just add the last four letters with your pencil. Yes, this method is not 100% paperless, but it is much better than normal print.

You can download these forms:

Your customer can find the receipt at page.

Share receipt link

This is truly paperless. If you have customer’s email or phone number, you can easily share your receipt. Just press “SHARE” button and select the APP for sharing. It can be email client, text, WhatsApp, Signal, Viber … There is no limit.

Logo on receipt

You can setup your company logo at Elementary POS Office. More info how to create logo on receipt.

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